Human body has a a wonderful ability to restore and heal itself.  Let's just think about how wounds and fractures heal. Reflexology or zone therapy is therapy of ancient origin, which activates healing and balancing forces of human body.

Reflexology is based on the principle of reflection.  The whole human body with its parts and organs is represented and reflected on different body parts (foot, shins, hands, ears, head). The zones or pressure points on these parts of the body are connected to bones, joints, internal organs, as well as hormonal and nervous system. By applying pressure on or massaging these zones and pressure points the body receives signals to eliminate energetic blockages and start to balance and heal. 

Reflexology or zone therapy is applied to:

  • alleviate back pain, joint pain and headache;
  • reduce various inflammations;
  • alleviate respiratory diseases;
  • reduce stress, depression; 
  • improve sleep;
  • improve metabolism and digestion;
  • heal traumas, alleviate pain;
  • support body detoxification and restoration after illnesses and treatments like chemotherapy, antibiotics etc; 
  • increase energy levels and improve general well-being.

You are expected to give brief overview on the general state of your health before a therapy session. You should inform therapist on possible pregnancy, implanted organs as well as medications and treatments you receive. 

Please wear comfortable clothes. You have to take off socks, tights etc when receiving the therapy on a massage table. 

After a therapy session your body will go through rapid changes which may cause temporary tiredness, drowsiness, slight symptoms of cold, dizziness, which will pass.  Activities that require strong physical or mental effort are not recommended. Organism needs some time to integrate and process the impulses received during the therapy. It is advisable to drink a lot of water and engage in peaceful or relaxing activities.  

You may enjoy a single reflexology session to relax or increase your energy level. However, several regular therapy sessions are needed to deal with chronic health problems. Sometimes the effects of the therapy may be experienced after the first therapy session. Main changes will, however, take place usually after the 4-5 sessions. Therefore, in case of a specific health problem at least 5 therapy sessions with weekly intervals are needed. Therapist will advise you on further course of therapy.  

The duration of a reflexology therapy session is 45 minutes in an average.  Additional time may also be needed for discussion before the therapy and for relaxation after the therapy.